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I’m Bonita Kindle. Are you ready to learn my best secrets to help you uncover your true beauty and power?

My programs will transform your life. You’ll find yourself losing unwanted weight, glowing from the inside out and recharging your metabolism. A lifestyle makeover that fits within your busy day without all of the hassles.

My mission is to help busy women entrepreneurs who want that healthy glow and enjoy that competitive edge so that they feel even more brilliant about themselves and impress everyone that they meet.


o often, we eat foods that we think are healthy because the label tricks us, because the magazines say so, because the diet books say so, but they are actually causing us embarrassing gas while on a steamy date, uncomfortable bloating while we try to squeeze into a slim dress and inflammation that can actually be painful. I know I’m FED UP, are you?


I have worked with busy women entrepreneurs that have no time to focus on healthy eating, women that are already eating a mainstream healthy diet but still carry too much weight, fit but still toxic women and just tired, feeling in a rut stressed out women.

the real deal


Bonita Kindle – Founder

I’m a 63-year-old, Anti-aging Expert, Certified Health Coach, Raw Food Coach, and Healthy Eating Specialist. Yep, it’s all real too ladies! I’m not the average coach you’ll find online who isn’t certified. My training has been certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Living Light Raw Culinary School. So you know you’ll get the real deal while working with me.

I’ve created programs for anyone who desires to lose weight naturally and quickly without depriving themselves. You’ll feel beautiful and ageless with your glowing skin and endless energy. You will shed toxins that are causing your body to hold onto unwanted weight and amp up your metabolism while you enjoy a life you will love.

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Free Juice Guide

Get that inner glow with your FREE Look Younger Now juice guide, that has 13 anti inflammatory juices that helps to reduce belly bloat and takes less than 10 minutes to prepare.


Actresses are noted for luminous skin that seems “lit from within.” Now, instead of feeling green with envy, you can share their glow. The Look Younger Now Detox Experience is brimming with antioxidant packed ingredients specially designed to give you that same radiance.

30 Day Transformation

A program designed for busy people who want me to take care of all the details. I will take you through all of the necessary steps to get clear on what is robbing you of your energy, beauty, and joy.

90 Day Lifestyle

A radical approach to lose fat, look younger and have more energy. Coaching calls, menu plans and customized exercise plans with video training. Menus for traveling, eating out plus daily text support.

Personalized Support

Work directly with me to get the full support you need to achieve your goals for a complete lifestyle and body transformation. This is a totally customized program that we build together to work within your life.

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what my clients are saying
  • “What a great wealth of information on living a healthier lifestyle. Bonita's knowledge has given me the opportunity to take my health to the next level. I'm incorporating raw foods, juicing, detoxing methods, and better choices. Look forward to a Radical New Approach to Looking Younger! Thank you Bonita for the inspiration, wisdom and guidance to live a life with the most optimum health choices.”

    ELIZABETH T. Chicago, Illinois
  • “I've been a client of Bonita's for about three years, and greatly value her wisdom, energy and advice. Her assistance in the on-going effort at good nutrition and conditioning is terrifically supportive -- in particular, in her focus on individual initiative, motivation and responsibility -- wish counsel and help, in other words, always coupled with a positive and cheerful attitude.”

    JIM P. Chicago, Illinois