Get ready to…

  • Kiss the muffin top buh-bye and say hello to a flatter belly in 14 simple days.
  • Amp up your energy levels with a delicious whole foods metabolism boost.
  • Slip into a sexy bathing suit that you’ll be proud to rock just in time for Summer.
  • Wave goodbye to toxins that are causing unwanted weight, so you can drop it like it’s hot. that same radiance.

Days 1-4
Clarity Days

(Thursday – Sunday start programs) These are the days to get ready. You might wean off coffee(not required), you read your materials, ask your questions, shop for any new items you might need and maybe do a bit of cooking to get yourself off to a good start.

Days 5-11
Feeling Good Days

(Detox Days- Monday – Sunday start programs) I must break this down into 2 halves… You might be a bit ornery Monday and Tuesday. It happens. Your body will be readjusting and you might feel a bit off. Plan for good nights of sleep and time to be kind to yourself while your body adjusts. Wednesday – Sunday, you will likely feel phenomenal. Clear, happy, well adjusted and bright.

Days 12-15
Decision Making Days

(Monday – Thursday start programs) We reintroduce common trigger foods slowly so that you can understand what the effects are and if you are being affected by these foods.

  • Lose an average of 3-5 pounds in one week – naturally!
  • Feel lighter and have tons of energy – take the dance floor by storm!
  • Kick sugar cravings to the curb – learn how to enjoy healthy sweets!
  • Sleep peacefully through the night – no more dark circles under those eyes!
  • Decrease inflammation – and feel amazing in the buff!
  • Get ready for bikini season – with confidence that could kill!

All of this is possible WITHOUT dieting and deprivation.
Can I get a “KALE YEAH!!!”?

Actresses are noted for luminous skin that seems “lit from within.” Now, instead of feeling green with envy, you can share their glow. The Look Younger Now Detox Experience is brimming with antioxidant packed ingredients specially designed to give you that same radiance.

That’s what we’re up to here. We’re focusing on releasing the toxins in your body through whole foods and simple actions that you easily add to your daily routine to make detoxification a breeze.

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