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Hello and welcome

I’m Bonita Kindle, The Look Younger Now Coach. At age 63, I have taken my best secrets and put them together so you can get started uncovering your true beauty and power.


On a daily basis, we are bombarded with information on how to achieve optimal results for our younger looking skin, natural weight loss, and having more energy, however after six months or even a year, the results just aren’t happening.


It’s all so frustrating.


I have tried and failed at most diets, gained and lost weight, kept three different dress sizes in my closet and felt tremendous sadness about my inability to keep my weight down.


Before I started eating 80% raw, I weighed over 200 pounds… then I learned how to live a detoxification lifestyle.


Take Your Health to the Next Level

Tired of digestive issues, fatigue and being a chronic over eater? I’ve had all of these symptoms and they are gone because I have detoxified my lifestyle.


Work with me and explore the raw food diet for the amazing health benefits by eating clean, natural, raw, unprocessed foods.


I’ve experienced this transformation, and I can help you do the same. Let me help you to cleanse your body so you will look and feel younger. You are worth it!

the look younger now programs

30 Day Transformation

Lose fat, look younger, have more energy

90 Day Lifestyle

Take care of all the details and get back your energy, beauty, and joy

Personalized Support

Work with me personally for the ultimate support
what my clients are saying
  • “What a great wealth of information on living a healthier lifestyle. Bonita's knowledge has given me the opportunity to take my health to the next level. I'm incorporating raw foods, juicing, detoxing methods, and better choices. Look forward to a Radical New Approach to Looking Younger! Thank you Bonita for the inspiration, wisdom and guidance to live a life with the most optimum health choices.”

    ELIZABETH T. Chicago, Illinois
  • “I've been a client of Bonita's for about three years, and greatly value her wisdom, energy and advice. Her assistance in the on-going effort at good nutrition and conditioning is terrifically supportive -- in particular, in her focus on individual initiative, motivation and responsibility -- wish counsel and help, in other words, always coupled with a positive and cheerful attitude.”

    JIM P. Chicago, Illinois